Kahvi Luxe Coffee

About our coffee:


Our freshly roasted coffee – Why is our hand-crafted, thirdwave coffee so much better?


Specialty Grade Beans ☕️superior quality, premium top shelf 100% Arabica beans.


It’s Thirdwave Coffee ☕️ carefully hand crafted, small batch home roasted, with professionalism and style.


Super Fresh ☕️ we roast-to-order, we don’t pre-roast for stock as most roasters do; grocery store coffee has been around three months at least.


Roast Profiles ☕️ artisan developed profiles bring maximum sweetness/ultimate complexity to the cup.


Superior Cup ☕️ experience all the delightful complexity and delicious flavor nuances this coffee has to offer.


Altitude ☕️coffee grows at altitude, because creates more complex and nuanced beans. As a Denver based company we roast, blend, grind, brew and serve at altitude. Because for Kahvi only one thing matters, getting you the best coffee