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This Kit can come with a 3 cup French Press, Kahvi's Beans of your choice, a gooseneck kettle, a grinder if you choose, and an 11 oz Kahvi Loyalty Mug* 

Save money & time with this coffee kit – Add up all the trips to your favorite local coffee shop, and it will surprise you. Instead, grab a bag of your favorite coffee beans and use this coffee kit to make the local coffee shop coffee from your home. You’re the barista now!

About the French Press:

The French press is quite simply the purest way to extract any tea leaf or coffee bean's innate essential oils into a single glass carafe.

Kahvi’s Press features a black plastic protective design that’s a BPA free insulated outer shell to protect the extra thick glass carafe that's made from non-porous, tempered borosilicate glass - like that used for labware. Therefore it is totally pure, imparting no flavors of its own and is also resistant to thermal shock.

Although there are a bunch of different pieces to a French press, it is Dishwasher and Microwave Safe with its detachable stainless steel filtration system.

The French press is also really great for frothing milk for an awesome  at home latte!

 * The mug that will come with the kit is a ‘ Loyalty Mug ‘. Owning that mug will unlock special deals, promotions, and other goodies in the future.