Coffee & Tea Samplers

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Get a taste of Kahvi Coffee & Tea by sampling each of our Coffees & Teas!

Steeper ball or k-cup included.

Kahvi Beans & Leaves brew best with Kahvi-Wares, So get your kit to effectively enjoy your sample! 


Whole Beans:

These beans need one more step before you can brew, you must grind them in a coffee grinder to get the grid size you need for your brew method.


Ground Beans:

No Grinder? No Kahvi Kit? We'll grind it for you!


Do you have your own grinder yet? You’ll have everything you need with one of our fully equipped brewing kits, add one to your cart today too! 

Please note that unless ordered with a kit that would need a specific grind size, these grounds will be the standard grind size, for percolators and drip brewing methods.

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