Worry Free Chai Tea Seasonal Bundle

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Worry Free Chai is a comforting hug in a mug. Perfect for those crisp, autumn days, or the bitter winter nights.  This tea is a hand crafted recipe that the owner keeps under wraps, there's a secret ingredient and its in the cream..

Kahvi blends the finest black tea to perfection with the sweet and spicy flavors of cinnamon, cloves and star anise to give you great-tasting Chai tea with a bold, spicy taste and rich, autumn aroma. our powdered creamer brings it full circle with its velvety creaminess.

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Brew Methods:

 French Press:

The French Press is another Immersion Brew method. The Chai will sit in the Carafe awaiting it’s 200 degree water. Then they swim and float and blend together to become the spicy autumn favorite we have all come to love.

The leaves and spices are then plunged and that process separates your mixture underneath the French press’ built in strainer -from your finished brew And serve 


Infuser Pot:

The classic tea pot with a convenient twist. This tea pot features a built in filter, making it a few steps easier to slow brew this wonderful tea visa vis an immersion method. 

Once the Leaves and spices are to your liking, remove the container holding the mixture, and serve. 




 Sustainability: Fair trade certified guarantees safe working conditions and fair wages paid to farmers. Kahvi works to improve tea sustainability and the environment in which tea is produced by paying a premium to the farmers behind your tea.

Kahvi uses recyclable and reusable brewing equipment. No paper filters, no plastic stirrers.