Q: What if I don't know how to brew coffee or tea with one of your coffee makers?

A: Don't worry, print guides and other resources will be included in your Kahvi-Kit! We're also working on getting over our stage fright to bring you useful how to Videos!


Q: When will my kit get here?

If your local, within the next 5 Days under normal shipping conditions.

if you are outside of the Denver metro area, your package will arrive based off of your tracked shipping time.


Q: Where do your beans come from?

All of our beans are Fair Trade, meaning that we pay a premium to make sure that our farmers are paid a fair, living wage. Great coffee beans come from happy farmers. Our happy farmers come from Ethiopia and South America.


Q:What if I don’t like something about my kit when it gets here? 

Contact us and we will work with you to make it right!



Q: will I be able to come shop in person?

A: not quite yet! We’re planning something BIG to help with that. For now all orders must be completed online